With muscular proportions and massive power, the 2020 BMW M8 is a bully among boulevard cruisers. This badass Bimmer is based on the BMW 8 Series and is available as a coupe and Gran Coupe. This 8 series is the flagship model for BMW in India and it comes with 2 models in India.

The top-spec model for India is M8. Price­ – Rs.2.15cr

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Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

As with most BMW M cars, the M8’s interior design and passenger space are virtually identical to the regular models’. Although the design doesn’t strike us as very imaginative, the leather surfaces are beautifully stitched together and the trim pieces are appropriately upscale. Every M8 comes standard with luxurious features that include customizable ambient lighting, a 12.1-inch digital gauge cluster, heated and ventilated front seats, a Nappa leather-covered dashboard, a power-adjustable steering wheel, and wireless charging. Its cabin provides plenty of space for front-seat passengers but makes those banished to the small back seat feel like second-class citizens.     

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Infotainment and Connectivity

Nestled in the middle of the dashboard on every M8 is a 10.25-inch touchscreen that acts as the hub of BMW’s iDrive 7.0 infotainment system. The main display is complemented by a rotary controller and physical buttons on the centre console. The interface features crisp graphics and quick responses, but some of the menus are heavily packed and require the driver to take their eyes off the road. Still, the system’s voice commands worked well, and it can even be optioned with gesture controls. Desirable standard features include Apple CarPlay (but not Android Auto), a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, and a 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

 M8 COUPÉ boasts a mighty 4 litre twin-turbo V-8 that pairs with a specialized all-wheel-drive system; it includes a rear-drive-only mode that’s perfect for hanging the tail out.

Capacity – 4,395CC

Fuel Economy – 6.59KMPL

Acceleration 0-100 km/h – 3.3s

Max. Output – 600HP

Max. Torque -750NM

Safety Features

Anti-lock brakes – ABS brakes automatically sense when a tire has stopped rotating under extreme braking and will modulate the brake pressure to allow the tire to rotate. This increases the vehicles ability to turn while braking.

Stability control – Stability control automatically senses when the vehicles handling limits have been exceeded and reduces engine power and/or applies select brakes to help prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle.

Front-impact airbags – Front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger have been designed to protect the head during a frontal crash.

Side impact airbags – Side impact airbags for the front seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side-impact collision.

Overhead airbags – Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s heads in the event of a side collision or rollover.

Security system – The vehicle is equipped with a means of anticipating and/or detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion. The vehicle is equipped with ignition to disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used.

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